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Automatically invest your spare change

Put your money to work and earn more effortlessly.

Choose your risk appetite

Select from 3 different levels of tolerance and start investing at a risk you’re comfortable with.

Invest automatically

Round up your payments and have the spare change invested in stocks automatically.

Earn more effortlessly

Invest money direct from the bunq app for the chance to earn more on your savings.


Create your own strategy

Choose from a range of 3 risk appetites and control how your money’s invested. Create a low-risk portfolio to earn steady interest on your deposits or increase your risk tolerance for the potential to make bigger gains on your investments.


Add to your investments every time you spend

Have your payments rounded up to the nearest € and the difference added to your Easy Investments portfolio. Invest a little bit more every time you spend with bunq and watch your investments grow all on their own.


Monitor your investments in real-time from the app

Easily track the progress of your investments right from the bunq app. You’ll receive instant notifications whenever there’s a change to your portfolio and get updated predictions on the growth of your investments.


Earn more effortlessly from your spare change

With bunq, you can save time and money by investing directly from your mobile banking app. Gone are the days of having separate apps for your different money matters, join bunq and have them all in one place.


Invest wisely

We’ve partnered with Birdee to offer you an easy way to automatically invest your money, right from the bunq app. As always, investing involves risks, you may gain or lose money on investments you make.

Powered by Birdee. Investing involves risks. For more information about our investment partner Birdee, please check out this Together page.

Don’t just take our word for it

Nov 15, 2022
Google PlayApp Store

They made banking online really simple and their card options bring another level of savings and convenience. I’ve been with bunq for two years now and happy with the service.

Nov 9, 2022
Google PlayApp Store

I haven’t encountered any problems since I started using the app. Connecting my accounts was simple and paying bills is a breeze.

Oct 13, 2022
Google PlayApp Store

I have been using this bank for several years and I am very happy with its services and functionalities

Nov 8, 2022
Google PlayApp Store

Debits are displayed within half an hour via mobile phone notification. Simply wonderfully uncomplicated. The best decision I could have made.

Nov 7, 2022
Google PlayApp Store

I love bunq and the app! Great features like creating sub-accounts and linking them to your cards. Cards are delivered quickly, you can create DigiCards in the app. You can really tell that there is a motivated team behind bunq who have fresh ideas. Keep it up!

Nov 7, 2022
Google PlayApp Store

In my opinion, there's no other account with so many innovative functions! Think about using bunq as a salary account in the near future.

Nov 6, 2022
Google PlayApp Store


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