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Jackpot! 3 chances to win €10,000 every month

May 3, 2022
3 minute read
jackpot image for bunq update 20

In today’s context, it’s not easy to make your money grow. Low interest rates and inflation are all around us, and risky investment decisions aren’t for everyone. We get that. That's why we’re launching the bunq Jackpot: a chance to make more out of your money, with absolutely zero risk. Simply use bunq and you get 3 chances to win €10,000, every month!

No, it’s not a typo. We’ve double checked.

Here’s how the bunq Jackpot works🙌

There are several ways in which you can hit the Jackpot. The first is by inviting your friends to join bunq, so you can enjoy it together. The second is by simply keeping money in your bunq account - with every euro you add, your chance to hit the Jackpot increases. The third is with every card payment you make, anywhere in the world and online. 

Making life easy with friends👫

bunq is better together. The app makes it super easy to share fun experiences with friends. From finding the hottest spots in town on the map, to enjoying a weekend away without having to worry about who paid what, we’ve got you covered.  From now on, every time you invite a friend to use bunq, you both get a chance to win €10,000. The more friends you invite, the bigger your odds of winning. 

Putting your money to work💸

Got your eyes set on a new phone, a quick getaway or perhaps even the trip of a lifetime? Every euro you add and keep in any of your bunq account(s) is a chance to win €10,000, every month. Enjoy the opportunity of maximizing your money, without any risk.

Every card payment counts💳

With bunq cards, you can literally pay anywhere in the world or online - safe and fast. To make sure you’re making the most out of every payment, you now also get a chance to win  €10,000 every month, by simply using your cards. From daily groceries to a well deserved SPA day, everything counts. Your odds of winning increase with every card payment.

Excited for the bunq Jackpot?🌈

We certainly are! To sum it up for you, the more you use your bunq app, the more chances you have to win the great prize. We already have our first winner. The next draw will take place next Monday (9th of May 2022), so get bunqing and make life easy. 

Curious to learn more about how it all works? Find all your answers here.

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